The first premium wireless aviation headset, Tango blends outstanding noise cancellation, renowned Lightspeed comfort, and wireless convenience.

With no cables to get in the way and critical controls — including volume and ComPriority™ — located on the headset, Tango creates an entirely new level of flying enjoyment and untethered freedom.

Tango Pilot Reports

“Even cats love it when a new Tango arrives” Photo courtesy of Ian Sowman

Gidday Phil

I took the ex head of the Auckland Tactical Support Group out and chased some venison. I had him on a harness out the door…pretty much standing on the skids….and certainly completely out the door…with a buckshot loaded shotgun dropping a couple of deer for me. I put the wireless headset on him and it was a fantastic way for the shooter to communicate with the pilot. And he could even jump out and put an animal on the hook and still talk to the pilot while underneath the machine doing that.

Cheers Bill

Hi Phillip, 

Just a bit of feedback on the Lightspeed Tango headsets I purchased from you. Now that I have used them for a while, I find them magnificent to use. They are crystal clear, quiet, comfortable and make flying so much more enjoyable. The wireless aspect is so convenient and less clumsy/cluttered than the wired headsets. Thanks again, will not hesitate to recommend them.


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