Whether you're a flight instructor making flying safer and enriching the experience of new pilots or a professional pilot helping corporations and nonprofits achieve their missions, we want to reward you for the hours you spend in the air and the care and skills you exercise in your profession. That's why we are offering a special rebate of $100 USD when purchasing a Zulu 3 or Tango®. We know you will be delighted with your purchase and hope you will pass on your appreciation for Lightspeed products.
Step 1: Purchase the Lightspeed headset that meets your needs and your budget from any authorized dealer:
“The customer is responsible for submitting documentation to Lightspeed and Lightspeed is responsible for processing their application and issuing the rebate. The rebate is issued directly to the customer via email as a virtual Mastercard gift card that can be used online wherever Mastercard is accepted (the customer may order a physical card for a small fee). The customer will need to set up an account with the card provider, but only their name and contact information is required.”
Zulu 3 ANR Headset Tango Wireless ANR Headset
The most comfortable, most durable headset Lightspeed has ever made. Tango blends outstanding noise cancellation, renowned Lightspeed comfort, and wireless convenience.
Step 2: Complete and submit the CFI or Pro Pilot Appreciation Application [PDF] packet
Step 3: Receive your rebate in less than four weeks.